Brookbank Butterfly
FTW Ardmuir Earl of Brookbank
Born on: 
Thursday, April 9, 2015
HD AA ED00, OCD 00
PRA, CNM, EIC clear by parents
clear 2017
Andrea & Zsolt Böszörményi
Andrea & Zsolt Böszörményi

I enjoy each and every day with Roxy, it is the greatest pleasure to train her and see her progress.She has a cool, sound temperament what makes her an ideal shooting companion. She is very smart - fast, has a nice hunting style, holding an area naturally. She is very responsive to the whistle, thus easy to handle. She can find game naturally – this is what she has from her father Earl who is a natural game-finder with exceptionally good nose.She has a lovely hunting style, very stlyish and effective hunting, keeping a small the area instinctively. We manged to keep this quality in the second generation that we bred, and I wish we can keep it for a long time as it is very important.She is a „mummy’s girl”, doing everything she can, always trying her best for me. I call her Roxy, but actually the name „Smiley” would fit her better, as she has a smile on her face, always happy - the clown of the gang. If I’ll keep a girl out of her first litter, her call name will definitely be Smiley.


Roxy is out of Brookbank Butterfly, by FTW Ardmuir Earl of Brookbank.The D litter was a special combination for us, we thought that Earl has everything what we needed for Fly, and it was ver exciting to see which parent throws what to their puppies - as we do know both of them very-very well.The puppies have become nice looking dogs - exactly my taste. They have a very good nose, taking any cover, on the other hand they are very calm and relaxed when they need to be. Our breeding plans worked out really well if I may say.We are very pleased with the whole litter, so are the owners of our D puppies - we are looking forward to breeding with Roxy in spring 2018.