'F' Litter - Planned for spring 2018


HD AA ED00, OCD 00 Optigen PRA, CNM, EIC clear by parents
Eyes clear 2017


Spring 2018

About Roxy:

I enjoy each and every day with Roxy, it is the greatest pleasure to train her and see her progress.
She has a cool, sound temperament what makes her an ideal shooting companion. She is very smart - fast, has a nice hunting style, holding an area naturally. She is very responsive to the whistle, thus
easy to handle. She can find game naturally – this is what she has from her father Earl who is a natural game-finder with exceptionally good nose.
She has a lovely hunting style, very stlyish and effective hunting, keeping a small the area instinctively. We manged to keep this quality in the second generation that we bred, and I wish we can keep it for a long time as it is very important.
I started to run her on a few tests in 2017, she rocked the grounds and won her first novice working test, came second in intermediate class, and won a Novice Mock trial as well in spring. It was a good start, I’m very much looking forward to trialing her in the next coming years, and also to her first litter in 2018.
We are still looking for a nice stud dog who fits to her in every respect, information about the chosen stud dog will be updated soon.