Int. FTCH Fly of Dukefield

Int. FTCH Bee of Dukefield
FTCH Tweedshot Maximus
Date of birth: 
Sunday, August 19, 2007
HD AA ED 00 OCD 00
PRA Optigen normal clear, CNM normal / clear, EIC normal / clear
clear 2013
Dr. Heike & Ralph Klieber
Andrea & Zsolt Böszörményi

Fly is a bitch you fall in love with for the first sight.

So did I when I see her working. Sure you know the feeling when you see a dog hunting and your heart is beating a bit strange way, definitely faster than normally, and you just can’t take your eyes off.


She has grown up in the Dukefield kennel,has been trained by Heike – well, watching her you definitely see the „hand work” of my good friend.

She is a hunting machine, has a tremendous style, her biggest plus is not only that she loves to hunt – many good dogs do – the thing is that she does it in a nice structured way, naturally keeping a small area – it is definitely in her genes, and this is what I mostly love in her lines (in her pedigree).

Her mum was like this, and her half brother Eddie, who is our field trial champion boy does also have this quality, and I know quite a lof dogs with Dukefield - Tennikerweidli genes behind who have the same, it shows it is the result of very careful breeding.

To me, having so many FTCH’s of Dukefield with just a few litters actually bred – confirm the quality of these lines and the knowledge of the breeders behind - to be honest we are really spoilt!

Fly is flying when working - she is fast but on the other hand very layed back, very calm in the line.

She would work till she can stand on her feet, she seems to never get tired as she is working with her heart.

A great bitch who is a pleasure to own and a challenge to handle!


Fly’s father is GB FTCH Tweedshot Maximus, a dark yellow champion dog of Tony Parnell, who is a son of the IGL winner 2001 FTCH Craighorn Bracken. Max himself has become 4. at the IGL Retriever Championship in England in 2006.


Fly’s mum is Int. FTCH Bee of Dukefield. A very successful bitch, run by Ralph Klieber gaining several field trial awards. She was a type of dog you don’t like to have behind you on a field trial... as you could easily get eye-wiped...


We met Young Billy Steel in 2011 and he still remembered her very well, even if he saw her 5-6 years ago...
When he saw Fly working he asked if she is by Bee, as she remembered him pretty much on her. Certainly I very proudly sayed yes!

Bee has a lovely temperament and was always keen to please her handler, Ralph.


Bee could hold the area for minutes hunting centimeter by centimeter… and so does Fly. This is what we hope to be able to keep in our lines.
We are proud to have her in Fly’s pedigree so close.

Bee’s mother, Int. FTCH Zed’s Fly vom Tennikerweidli has been the first working dog we actually fall in love with on an international field trial in Hungary in 2002. 
She catched our eyes in a second!


Grandma Fly has produced great champions, to name a few I personally know: Int. FTCH Bee of Dukefield as mentioned above, Int. FTCH Ben of Dukefield who has become a Champion by the age of 2 (!), Int. FTCH Chairman of Dukefield and Int. FTCH Chance of Dukefield – all really eye catching dogs!