About us

Brookbank kennels is the home of labradors from english field trial lines, close to a little brook called „Vali Patak” in western part of Hungary.

Our love towards labradors has began in 2002, when we first bought a labrador as a family pet, and became stronger when we first saw labradors from working lines competing on field trials.

Than it was a straight way to the world of working retrievers.

We train our dogs for shooting days and field trials, and we compete with them on working tests out of the shooting season, and they are also important family members:-)

Our dogs have all been carefully bred and selected for field trialing and working as a shooting companion, all of them go back to english working lines, having a lot of great dogs, also many FTCH’s behind them in their pedigrees.

Our first working bred lab, Braveur Uby has come to us in 2003 from France. We run her on a few trials, but she unfortunately has been shot into her eyes at the age of 3, so she is blind on one eye since, however, she has been a great member of our picker-up team!

The dog we are most proud of is certainly our first International Field Trial Champion, Int. FTCH & HFTCH Eddie of Dukefield, who did not need too many runs on field trials to become reach his titles (he has been awarded 3xCACIT and 1x Res. CACIT of only 9 runs on international field trials).

Int FTCH Starcreek Ginger is our most successful dog till today, she has won 6 international field trials in 3 different countries, and gave us several unforgettable moments. She is a bitch who makes everything look easy. Once she won a trial she was tracking the bird for hundreds of meters, and due to the ground it was possible to watch her do the job - it is one of those unforgettable memories which Zsolt will never forget.

In her first trial season in 2010 she already has been awarded with a 1. place CACIT and than a 2. place Res. CACIT titles the next day on an international field trial the same weekend. In 2013 she won the Austrian-Hungarian Field Trial Championship with an outstanding job.

Int FTCH Fly of Dukefield has been 2. at the Austrian-Hungarian Field Trial Championship in 2011, in her first trialing season.

At the moment we have two talented young dogs at home, our irish boy Maighmor Teal of Brookbank and our english gentleman, Ardmuir Earl of Brookbank. 2015 will be their first trial season, we are looking forward to running them, it is a new challenge at Brookbank!

We have founded the Working Retriever Club of Hungary in 2005, Zsolt is president of the club since. With this club, a nice dream has come true - some friends, who became closer due to the common hobby, the goal, and the desire to support the retriever sport in our country, decided to work seriously to achieve their goals, whilst still trying to keep it all fun, and founded a retriever club which is dedicated to working retrievers. 

With the help os some good friends, we are maintaining an informative website on working retrievers since 2005, the www.working-retriever.hu.

Andrea is the vice-president of the FCI Retriever Committee, and delegate for Hungary in the Committee since 2011.

We are FCI judges since 2011, have judged in 11 countries the last few years and got to know many nice people all around Europe.

In our free time we give trainings for retrievers both individually and for smaller groups - we get to know many great people due to this sport, we enjoy teaching dogs and more importantly handlers with whom we share the same passion.

As the number of our dogs was increasing, we found a new home a few years ago which fits very well to our life that has changed a lot due to our hobby.

We happened to buy a little ground next to a small brook called „Vali Patak” – as our friends tend to say almost „in the middle of nowhere”. Than we have bought our dream house there, in a very quite part of this small village. That’s how actually our prefix „Brookbank”came (before we were breeding under the prefix Fisherman's Fellow).

This „nowhere” means everything to us, the atmosphere, the peaceful life around us give us a lot more than what city life ever could provide.

Our goal is owning and breeding good shooting dogs, labradors who are easy to train and handle, a joy to watch when hunting, and ensure us a full bag on shooting days. We certainly breed dogs with a solid health background. We like good-sized dogs with strong bones, we aim to breed good-looking working line dogs in our kennels, which is in fact a non-commercial, small kennel, having one litter by year.

On our website we will introduce you our dogs, of whom we are incredibly proud. We plan to share some news about them frequently – as our free time allows, please check back sometimes for news about the Brookbank-Band!

In case you like to have a puppy out of our breeding, or would like to use one of our dogs, please get in touch with us by phone or email, we are also happy to show you our dogs if you like to come and visit us at Brookbank.

Would you like to join one of our trainings, please drop us a mail!

Andrea Böszörményi
Tel: 00 36 30 620 1150


Zsolt Böszörményi
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