'B' Litter


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PRA Optigen clear, CNM clear
Date of birth: 

After careful planning and studies of pedigrees and background infos about some stud dogs we liked, the decision has been taken with the help of my good friend, Dr. Heike Klieber (of Dukefield Kennel), and also with the very appreciated help of Mrs. Charlotte Keller (vom Tennikerweidli Kennel), and Mr. Guy Bennett (Haverholme Gundogs) - many thanks to all of You for your help, I highly appreciate that we could plan a bit together :-) On 16. April 2011 we drove all the way up to the grouse moor to let our Fly mated by a wonderful dog, FTCH Leadburn Viceroy at Leadhills, Mr. Billy Steel's place. We came back home again with tremendous memories, and with the hope: our dream mating will come true! After 3 weeks Dr. Ralph Klieber got involved: he has been asked to have a look if the mission was sucsessful - and all signs show YES INDEED!

Certainly, we immediately opened a bottle of prosecco on the promising news about a big family hiding inside.

Puppies born: 16. June 2011

On the 16. June Fly gave birth to 9 healthy puppies, 4 black bitches, 1 yellow bitch, 3 black dogs, 1 yellow dogAlmost all of them were over 400 gramm which is great, mum and pups seem to be doing very well. We enjoy them a lot!