Int. FTCH Eddie of Dukefield

Int. FTCH Bee of Dukefield
FTCH Blackharn Brewster
Born on: 
Thursday, August 25, 2005
HD AA ED 00 OCD 00
PRA Optigen carrier
failed her. cat. 09/2010
Dr. Heike & Ralph Klieber
Andrea & Zsolt Böszörményi

Eddies’ breeder, Dr. Heike Klieber, who is a very good friend of us told me once that to her Eddie is not only a good dog, but he is a „breeding aim”, as he represents so well what he likes to see in a dog which she has bred – the way he looks like, the way he works and also how his temperament is. Indeed, he is a typical Dukefield dog, he has all the qualities you need in a great field trial dog.

Eddie represents to me the good looking working labrador as well, he has strong bones - a friend of us who is into show breeding told us he has excellent angles and if we would „change his head” to a more showy type and we would put some more weight onto him he could even be successful on the show….)))

I trained Eddie from his puppyhood. Of course I adore him - he is a lovely dog! He has become our first field trial champion and we did not need to go many times to trials to achieve this goal – even with me as a novice handler, I have got some really nice experiences with him trials and shooting days as well.

He is a very natural dog, he seems to know instinctly where the wounded game is, he naturally finds all the game that has been shot.If I have no idea where it landed, I simply take a step back and let him work it out – he does enjoy these moments and he is grateful for them and very produly carrying the game in his mouth in these cases.He only needs me a few times, but when he does, he listens very well.

He has a wonderful hunting style which is coming from his Mum, Bee. I always wished to have it in my dogs… and now we have two of them at home having this natural quality.What can you wish more… Nothing I believe, just try to enjoy each and every minutes on shooting days, trials and training days as well.

He is a very gentle dog, I was very afraid to get a male dog as we had 2 bitches before him at home, but he proved I was wrong. He is a very sensible dog, reliable and very consistent.If you look at his results, you see he is very successful on working tests and field trials as well, to be honest field trials being his bigger strenghts. He seemed to enjoy the real thing always more – just like I do.

A friend of us told me she is not happy to have Eddie behind him in the line as he tends to eye-wipe him all the time he is there and it is not a convenient feeling… this was a compliment we all wish to get I believe…. and these are the dogs we all wish to own.


Eddie’s mum we know very well, she is Int. FTCH Bee of Dukefield. A very successful bitch, bred and owned by owned run by Ralph Klieber, they have achieved together several field trial awards.

She is a type of dog you don’t like to have behind you on a field trial…. as you could easily get eye-wiped...

We met Billy Steel in 2011 and he still remembered her very well, even if he saw him 5-6 years ago.… When he saw the half-sister of Eddie, Fly he asked if she is by Bee, as she remembered him pretty much on her. Certainly I very proudly sayed yes!

Bee could hold the area for minutes hunting centimeter by centimeter... This is what we hope to be able to keep in our lines once we breed with Fly.

Bee is a very kind bitch, nice temperament, one who just wants to be with you, who adores you and does the best for you whenever it is possible.

We are proud to have her in Eddie’s pedigree so close.

Eddie’s father is GB FTCH Blackharn Brewster, Barney, a black champion dog of Tony Parnell.

That is where Eddie has his good bones I believe. Tony always liked him, he saw him first when he was only 7 month old, and he already thought at that time that he could get on very well with him.

He told me he remembers him on Barney a lot, although he is a lot softer type of dog than Barney used to be.