Int. FTCH Ardmuir Earl of Brookbank

FTCH Auka Meadow Rue of Admuir
FTCH Astraglen Hail
Born on: 
Saturday, April 13, 2013
HD B, ED00, OCD free
Optigen PRA, CNM, EIC, SD-2 (dwarfism) N/N Clear,
Eyes clear 2014
Jenny Hankey
Andrea Böszörményi

Earl is our teddy-bear, a beautiful strong boy with a very kind nature, a real gentleman from the english countryside.

It was love for the first sight, I knew from day one he arrived to Brookbank that he is going to be my next competition dog.

He is very generous with lots of will to please - he has an enormous amount of drive, and no fear of any cover or any circumstances, for him there's no cover which is impossible to cross, he works with a big heart and would do all he can for me. 

When we started training left and rights, he througly enjoyed it and I could start handling him at an early age, he enjoys it very much to play in team.

He proved to have a very good game finding ability, he impresses me the way he is tracking wounded birds on a shooting day when I let him do the job instead of the more experienced members of the pack. He really is a natural talent, so I enjoy each and every shooting day with my fellow.


Earl has been bred by Mrs. Jenny Hankey in the UK, and comes from a chamion x champion breeding.

I fell in love with his mother Rue, when I saw her at Jenny's in England. I immediately ordered a puppy out of her, but Jenny said at that time that she will only breed Rue is she proves herself on open field trials....

There are several FTCH dogs, but those who are into trialing all know that is it much more difficult to make up a bitch to ftch - they come in season, sometimes too late, sometimes too early, they might be false pregnant etc... So to me, if a bitch becomes FTCH - as quickly as Rue did, it tells you the qualities of the bitch. No wonder there are not many champion bitches, neither in the UK, nor on the continent.

To cut the story short, the first trial season she immediately won 2 open trials, thus became field trial champion and qualified for the IGL Championship - so certainly Jenny decided to breed from her and as I was the first one who trusted in her qualities I got a puppy - my Earl!

Earl's father is Ash, FTCH Astraglen Hail, a very consistent dog, here you can see what his owner has to tell about him: