Braveur Uby

FTCH Princess de Derwentside
FTCH Moraira Cray
Date of birth: 
Monday, March 10, 2003
HD AA ED 00 OCD 00
PRA Optigen normal clear
clear 2008
Thomas Bouy
Andrea & Zsolt Böszörményi

Bee is our first dog with field trial lines behind. She is a very soft bitch who was honestly saying not easy to train for me as a beginner…. She has been bred by Mr. Thomas Bouy in France who has been very successful in several countries of Europe on field trials (Belgium, Italy, Hungary, France). Bee is a very-very soft bitch who was not honestly saying not easy to train for me as a beginner. It was in 2003 when she came to us. I was very keen to train her and I was very confident I am able to train her up to open field trial level. What an ambitous goal it was! Bee was ever so soft and in many ways quite special but as I am not a person who gives up his goals easily I kept on training her. We met several successful handlers in Europe and the UK in these years and learnt a lot from them. Today I know I had no idea how many things must work out well before a dog will have success on trials, in fact only a few dogs are really up to it I think, and only the very best ones will be having success – certainly quality of a dog plays a very important roll in the story. At that time I simply thought as she is a working dog she must be up to it, and I firmly believed we will manage. Well, we did up to a certain level - in 2006 she has become 3. on an International Open Field Trial, she has some success on some trials in her first season, and she has had a few really nice retrieves which she worked out on her own. I think she was the dog who has in fact taught me how to train a dog, she made me understood many things about dogs and training, not to rush and to force things but to be patient and trying to understand the dogs and their reactions. I had many times the feeling that she is the one who is training me and not vice versa, now I am sure did. Sadly, she has been shot into her eye on a picking up day – a „shooting man” thought it was a hare (!!!) and shot her while she was tracking a wounded partridge behind the line. I was watching her tracking and I was smiling as it was a joy to watch and than I hear a shot and see her crying like hell and trying to run back to me with her face full of blood on one side. Still terrible to think back about this nightmare. They could save her eyes at the vet. med. clinic but she is blind on her left eye. Her carreer on field trials was over with this accident but she is living a happy life with us and she is one of our best game finders. To be honest she was never a very eye-catching dog when working but she was always very effective. She is the one who never fails to pick a wounded bird, sometimes tracking for several minutes - she is a real professor in our picking up team who is really sad if she sometimes has to stay alone if we go away without her to shooting days.


Bee’s father is FTCH Moraira Cray „James”, a very successfull dog which has won several field trials in Beigum, France and Italy as well.  In France there are a lot of trials of course, and some of them are not of high quality but James was a dog to win any trials. He has become 2. on the Individual Challenge Cup in Hungary in 2004. (Individual Field Trial Europe Cup). A lovely dog but also very soft, Bee is really similar to him I believe. Bee’s mother is FTCH Princess de Derwentside „Pitch” who is an excellent game finder, I saw her at the age of 10 years in France and she was still in her best shape, being one of the most important dogs in Thomas’s picking up team! A lovely dog to own I think.