Int FTCH Starcreek Ginger

FTCH Starcreek Zuckey
Int FTCH Chairman of Dukefield
Date of birth: 
Monday, September 24, 2007
HD C, ED 00, OCD free
PRA Optigen free
clear 2012
Stefaan & Filip Bollen
Andrea Böszörményi

Gin is a little treasure in our home, she has been a very easy dog to train and she is a joy to handle. A fast and very stylish little girl, who is happy with everything, she loves all dogs around, and all human beings she ever meets. It loos like she never has a bad day...

She is the clown of the family, she cheers me up no matter how bad day I had. The biggest difficulty in her training was to get rid of her habbit to jump on everyone she meets to greet him or her...))) It sounds unbelievable but it is true. Training was always just a good game, perhaps also as we are on the same „frequence” – I enjoy each and every minute when training her.

She has really nice qualities at work, she is very fast in action, but in one hand also very easy to handle, she happily stops on the first whistle, she is the type of dog who is always with you.

I will never forget a very sunny Saturday morning, when the window of my bedroom was open, I was half asleep, and a black little thing jumped on my belly with full speed – she arrived right through the window to say good morning:-)))

That’s the way she is, if ever I am in a bad mood, I want to be in her company - she cheers me up all the time.

She is a funny creature, although very seriuos at work.

I run her int he first field trial season in 2010.

At the second weekend when I run her, she has become 2. with Res. CACIT on Saturday, and 1. CACIT ont he 2. day.

She was a joy to run, I enjoyed every second of the two days, as she just made things look easy just like she does in many cases, and she seems to enjoy competition - when she was younger, I had many times the feeling that she works even better on competitions than on training days, she surprised me a few cases to be honest.


Gin’s pedigree is very attractive, her mother is FTCH Stacreek Zuckey, bred and handled by Stefaan Bollen.
A black bitch with tremendous speed and style. She is by FTCH Kelland Holly (sister to FTCH Kelland Ross) and Int. FTCH Saxthorpe Buzzard of Brindlebay (Herbie).

Her father is Int. FTCH Chairman of Dukefield, „Jack”, who was not only a very successful dog on field trials, but also a very charming, good looking dog.
A very soft dog who is always with his handler, having a wonderful style.
Jack is by Int. FTCH Zed’s Fly vom Tennikerweidli and FTCH Willowyck Jacksnipe, so in fact with grandma Fly she has partly the same line behind on the father side as Eddie and Fly, and also the same as our Eager on the mother side, they all (Fly, Gin, Eddie) have Zed’s Fly vom Tennikerweidli as grandma behind, which is not just by chance, this bitch was the first working dog I fall in love with when I saw her working on a field trial.