Szitásgyöngye Amarilla
Blond River Capitan Custeau
Date of birth: 
Thursday, April 20, 2000
HD C ED00 OCD free
Nora Szabo
Andrea & Zsolt Böszörményi
Brenda was our first labrador who means the beginning of our love towards this breed.
She was a lovely dog who came to our family as we wanted to have a nice pet dog and read that labradors are ideal for this purpose :-)
When she was a year old, we began to look after proper training possibilites and found out that obedience and guard dog training and general dog schools are perhaps not the best ones to go.
Brenda was coming from a very small kennel who had no other plans than breeding nice family dogs. Not even breeding show dogs was the goal I believe. First we went to dog shows with her and quickly found out that her head is too small and her bones are too thin, moreover she is not having enough „substance” to be successful on the show, and she did not have a fancy pedigree behind neither.
We did not agree as for us she was the most beautiful dog in the world, anyway, this was something to forget about and we found out that she actually likes retrieving very much so we went to a retriever school and that’s how our story with labradors began.
I thought she is already well trained when she was about 2 years old and I was looking forward to the morning when we went for a picking up with her for the first time.
Well, I will never forget the day – me trying to keep the other end of the lead in my hand while she was pulling and pulling - I had a terrible pain in my hands after a few minutes already and took off my coat and pullovers as even in the cold winter time it seemed to be too hot for me…. Brenda took the lead on our „common” shooting day.
After fighting for 2 hours I gave up, decided to listen to the shooting men next to me and ... let her go!
I felt I cannot hold her any more and I felt I have to lay down or stop or whatever but my physical strength was not enough any more and my hands were really red by that time.
So, I took the lead off, and even if I thought I don’t have anything to do about what is happening and what she is doing or if she will ever come back to me, I was very proudly watching her picking the birds for me… after a while walking has become hard again for me but this time because of my dummy bag being full with birds!
We continued to train her and we managed to train a reliable shooting dog from her, moreover, we have even run her on working tests, her best placement was. a 3. place on a Working Test in Austria under Lynn and Malcolm Stringer in the Intermediate Class. We were even in a run off on that test with an austrian fellow who is also running successfully on field trials since.
How nice to think back to the „roots”, well that’s how it all began - I think we all need to have these adventures to appreciate a well trained dog on a shooting day.
We had to say good-bye to her when she was 13, she was in a very good shape till her last day, she was always enjoying laying in the sun or shadow in summer, having fun with the others, joining us for even longer walks. A lovely dog who is the best family companion!
We have planted nice roses over her grave which are beautiful! She will live forever in our memories.